Pain reliever treatment

Pain is a mental and physical condition. Sometimes, it is considered as a disease itself.

It is a reaction of the nervous system to irritating impulses coming from the body. Pains differ in intensity, and are felt by each person individually. So, we can distinguish acute and chronic pains.


Pain management is based on determining its cause. We conduct an interview concerning patient’s lifestyle. Pain is a signal that something wrong is going on in your body, so the diagnosis and determining its cause is of crucial importance.

Pain management combines several techniques.

One of them is definitely mental reprogramming of the patient to positive thinking, the use of breathing techniques, and other methods. Sometimes, patients do not seek help for their pain because they think that painkillers are the only way to solve their problem. They try to cope with it alone, hiding their pain, and being afraid of becoming addicted to painkillers or of numerous adverse effects associated with pharmacological solutions.















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