A human body is a complex system. Only a harmonious functioning of all its spheres: the body, the mind and the spirit, allows us to lead our lives healthy and smoothly.

A care for every sphere is the most important task of every person. However, in some cases this harmony is disrupted. Then, it is worth to consult a naturopathic physician, who takes a holistic approach to every patient.

The body

The mind

The spirit

These are three key words, forming an ideal that each of us should pursue.

The harmony of the Body, the Mind and the Spirit is a miracle. Knowing the cause of health problems established by us at the Impuls office in a bioresonance scan, the naturopathic therapist proposes to a patient therapies restoring harmony through cleansing, regulation, support, regeneration, and building awareness of the foundation of efficient functioning.


Therapies are ways, stages to reach health, always in a sequence starting with diagnosing the cause of a disease or a disrupted body function through other methods restoring harmony.















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