EWS Body Analyzer

We work using the latest unit of the Hungarian company Energy Wave System. Products from that company received a recommendation of the Hungarian Association of Naturopathy.


Energy Wave System (EWS) established its objective on a basis of the latest biophysical research, to provide solutuons both with diagnostic devices, and with the cutting-edge auxiliary therapeutic systems, to maintain human health.


When scanning your body, EWS (Energy Wave System) analyses the entire body within 40 s.














EWS diagnostics

You will check your body from inside in a quick and non-invasive way. Examination accuracy exceeds 90%. We get a picture of a current health status of an examined person in about 32 categories:

  • Cardiovascular system
  • Gastrointestinal system function
  • Liver and pancreas functions
  • Brain and the nervous system
  • Condition of bones
  • Blood glucose
  • Poisons and toxins in the body
  • Vitamins and trace elements, amino acids and coenzymes
  • The prostate
  • Breast analysis
  • The immune system
  • Heavy metals in the body
  • Obesity
  • Parasites, worms, fungi
  • Connective tissue collagen

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