Aromatic Touch Massage

Massage is performed with doTerra therapeutic oils

An exceptionally delicate touch and a sequence of the use of 8 oils bring surprising effects at physical and emotional levels. First of all, the massage restores the harmony of the entire body, has a pain-relieving effect, strengthens the immune system, eliminates inflammatory conditions as it removes deeply accumulated toxins, and it definitely calms down, relaxes, and restores calmness and inner balance. Oils are applied along energy meridians and trigger points on the back and feet. The Aromatic Touch massage combines therapeutic values of plant essences with aromatic sensations.

Stress, toxins, or inflammatory reactions disrupt our inner harmony and cause a number of undesirable symptoms. It is the Chinese medicine which indicates that diseases are caused by disrupted energy flows in the body.

Currently, a return to knowledge of the Chinese medicine and Ayurveda is very popular amongst people with understanding of neuropathy.

The massage is recommended both for children, and for adults. Massage duration 45 minutes.













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