Each treatment is preceded by a bioresonance examination, to determine health problems.

When serious diseases are suspected, simultaneously a patient is always referred to a relevant specialist and specific laboratory tests are recommended. Treatments proposed in the Impuls office are selected individually in cooperation with a patient and taking into account their health problems. Here, the elimination of the main cause leading to numerous problems is always a priority. It is followed by the body regeneration and stimulation of function harmony.

Treatments are selected with a holistic approach to the human body and its processes in mind.

We know that to eliminate a problem, we must target the body, the mind and the spirit. Only then the miracle of health is possible. We must remember that we are taking care of our body, the only one we have from our birth to death. It can be a source of great joy, but also of great pain. It is us who decide about a path we choose for ourselves and our children.















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