Light and Music Therapy/ brainLight

BrainLight Touch Synchrons - Music therapy

  • It helps to discover our internal strength
  • Allows to develop our skills
  • Helps to achieve better results with less effort
  • Meditation is the most effective method for brain regeneration. However, only a few people can master this technique.
  • With brainLight Touch programmes, we are effortlessly put into deep relaxation (Alpha) or even deep sleep (Theta). A 10-minute session corresponds to 2 hours of sleep.

What is Music therapy, and how it works?

Appropriately modified light impulses put us into a state of relaxation.

This therapy uses relaxation goggles, with light impulses relaxing our mind in an optimal way.

To improve the effects, the light impulses are supplemented with headphones sending sequences inaudible to the human ear and optimally coordinating functioning of brain hemispheres with selected music.


  • First use - introductory programme

 Relaxation programmes

 Music programmes - relaxing


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