Many people may wonder what bioresonance is and how the examination with the equipment works. First of all, it is worth mentioning that this device works according to the laws of quantum physics. The Impuls Clinic in the UK provides support when it comes to treatments with this machine, which is designed to detect the causes of symptoms signalising health problems. This is done by reading electromagnetic vibrations of every organ and organism existing in the body. Comparing the vibrations with the vibration norms assigned to healthy organs gives the patient the overview of the changes’, lesions’, as well as the patency of the intercellular communication’s extent and time.

Bioresonance examinations and therapies in the UK (NLS Hunter 4025)

Implus Clinic from the UK uses NLS Meta Hunter 4025 equipment to inform the client about lesions, deficits, allergies, intolerances, organ dysfunctions, parasites, viruses, mycoses, or inflammations in the organism. The examinations are conducted at the cellular level and they indicate the place and time of a given lesion, its level of advancement and forecast for future possible diseases. Hunter 4025 Metatron shows the most effective therapeutic means and the level of their efficiency. It is also possible to underline the psychological conflicts causing many illnesses and can be transposed into positive changes by using naturopathy.


The equipment under the therapist’s supervision assigns medicine and programmes the media in order to create effective naturopathic preparations. The machine also allows metatherapy which is restoring intercellular communication in such a way that the message about the illnesses are able to get to the brain. Metatherapy is used to remove communication locks. These are just some basic functions of Meta Hunter 4025!

EWS Test Analyzer - how does it work?

It is a device that only takes a minute to present an overview of your health condition. It can indicate the basic parameters deciding about one’s health. The examination at the cellular level is informative and after its conduction, it is possible to start implementing the therapeutic diagnostician’s recommendiations, as well as supporting the organism and further examinations or consultations at medical specialists’ offices.





























How is the NLS Meta Hunter 4025 bioresonance and EWS Test Analyzer examination performed?

NLS Hunter 4025 is an examination using diodes set in headphones. The scope of the examination is determined with the client. It can either be general, or very specific and concentrated on a given area or organ of the body.

The whole process lasts from 20 minutes up to one hour. The procedure is non-invasive and everyone can undergo it as there are no side effects of using the equipment. All our clients have to follow certain rules and fulfil given conditions so as the examinations can be deemed reliable. The therapist gives more detailed information after the visit is booked.

EWS is an analyser conducting the diagnosis in one minute by placing the client’s hand on a magnetic plate.

The procedure is not invasive, nor painful and both adults and children can undergo it (of course, firstly it is necessary to learn about all the contraindications).


Client receives the results during the visit. Additionally, the report is either sent via email or given as a printed copy, according to individual arrangements.


In just two days since obtaining the report, the client receives naturopathic information with all the recommendations of necessary examinations and consultations with doctors, as well as herb therapies, metatherapies and other procedures available at Impuls Clinic.


Bioresonance Clinic provides support in dietary consultations and clinical dietetics.


When booking a visit, client gets an information pack regarding preparations for the examination, printed copies from the health interview, as well as declarations of consent for the examinations and other services provided by Implus Clinic.

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