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Bioresonance and natural therapies

The wide range of the examinations allows us to determine the causes of health problems; while advice on natural therapies and individual nutrition plans can allow the ailments' cause removal.

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Impuls Bioresonance Clinic

Impuls Clinic located in the UK is a place providing naturopathic support that can be considered helpful in improving adults’ and children’s immunity, from the early childhood up until grand old age.


Bioresonance is an alternative diagnostic and therapeutic method in cellular and orthomolecular medicine. The examinations are executed by reading electromagnetic vibrations of every organ and organism found in client’s body. Comparing the vibrations with the norms assigned to healthy organs can show the patient the picture of the lesions’ range, the time of their appearance, and the patency of the intercellular communication. We undertake the examinations using HUNTER 4025 Metatron / United Kingdom and EWS Body Analyzer / Poland.


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PLEASE NOTE – Each examination is preceded by a consultation with a diagnostician and a therapist regarding possible contraindications for the examination.


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EWS Diagnostics

Our clinic may help you check your health condition and the environmental pollution presence at the cellular level, as well as provide your body with necessary vitamins and minerals. It can also show you the dangers possible to avoid. The test accuracy is over 90%. Holistic body diagnostic is an offer for those who would like to get precise information about their health quickly and non-invasively.

EWS Diagnostics / Poland

We receive an overview of the examined person's health condition in about 32 categories, such as:

  • heart and circulatory system,
  • liver and pancreas functions,
  • gastrointestinal functions,
  • brain and nervous system,
  • bone condition,
  • blood sugar,
  • poisons and toxins in the systems,
  • vitamins and trace elements, amino acids and coenzymes,
  • prostate,
  • breast analysis,
  • immune system,
  • heavy metals in the body,
  • obesity,
  • parasites, worms, fungi,
  • connective tissue collagen.

Naturopathy is a holistic care which includes both prevention and intervention when it comes to various diseases. Naturopathic examinations will not replace conventional medicine but they can cooperate on various levels. Working with Impuls Bioresonance Clinic can be interesting to many people who look for unconventional healthcare.

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