Lymphatic treatment

Serious health problems are frequently associated with contamination of the lymphatic system (“white blood”). It manages our health.

Blocks in the lymphatic system may manifest as joint pain, limb swelling, diseases of the motor system, skin problems, cellulite, arthritis, headaches, sinus pain, or digestion dysfunctions. Chronic incorrect lymph circulation leads to swelling, and thickening of skin and subcutaneous tissues. The contaminated lymphatic system means a reduced immunity. A correct function of the lymphatic system controls the autoimmunological and the nervous systems. Its dysfunctions are manifested in the condition of the entire body. Frequently, they are accompanied by comorbidities. Therefore, it is very important to learn the cause, eliminate it/them, and treat comoribidities.


The lymph is contaminated with toxins from air, water, and soil, and with contaminating agents in the processed food. It is also contaminated by our lifestyle - cigarettes, alcohol, diet, and sedentary lifestyle.

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