Metatherapy NLS Hunter 4025

What is Meta Therapy?

Meta Therapy is a bioresonance therapy aiming at stimulation of healing processes by providing energy supply to dysfunctional organs at frequencies of organs that are perfectly healthy. In consequence, blocks to natural energy flows in body organs and systems are eliminated. This is achieved by transmission of appropriate electromagnetic signals from headphones worn on a head. With improved inter-cellular communication, information about problems with a specific body organ can directly reach the brain, which manages body regeneration and self-healing. Meta Therapy eliminates blocks at various levels down to RNA, DNA, and chromosomes, if the dysfunctions are located there.

What are the advantages of Meta Therapy?

Meta Therapy ensures that the body handles discovered problems, toxins and allergens more efficiently, and can eliminate hazards resulting from these factors. Furthermore, it eliminates causes of diseases, like chronic stress, or disrupted response of the central nervous system.

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