NLS Hunter 4025 / England

What is HUNTER 4025?

It is a sophisticated non-invasive device for diagnostics and therapy. Its operation is based on resonance of waves of a frequency ranging between 5.51 and 5.58.Ghz.

  • The studies have shown that the new Metatron 4025 Hunter is a great step in development of NLS systems.
  • Metatron 4025 Hunter can find a cause of cancer and hereditary diseases in just a few seconds.
  • Metatron 4025 Hunter goes beyond our present imagination. The inconceivable results were achieved with a completely new method of 3D spiral scanning. Metatron 4025 Hunter was enriched with hundreds of new virtual images. Metatron 4025 Hunter finds DNA fragments with the greatest data loss.
  • If deviations in the DNA fragment are repaired, many symptoms in the entire body may disappear.
  • It is not possible to describe all advantages of Metatron 4025 Hunter, you must experience them yourself!

Metatron 4025 Hunter can measure oscillations of repair measures such as dietary supplements, homoeopathy, and similar.

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