Immunity treatment

Immunity is simply a condition of our immune system

The immune system consists of lymphatic organs, lymphatic vessels, cells participating in immunological reactions, antibodies, and cytokins.

What is the function of this system?

It protects our body against many diseases, determining types of pathogens and cancer cells present in our body and eliminating them. Thus, it detects viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, and parasitic worms. A healthy immune system can distinguish between healthy cells and tissues and harmful pathogens. It is not easy, because pathogens also evolve, that is, change their behaviour and metabolism.


The human immune system has an immunological memory that can protect it. The immune deficiency occurs when the system is less active than normally due to recurring infections. Other causes may include genetic diseases, frequent taking of pharmacological agents, or infections, e.g., with HIV.

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