Zapping/ Rifle Zapper with adjustable power & CES

Zapper intended use:

  • Zapper effectively kills parasites, worm, bacteria, viruses, and fungi in blood, ears, brain, white matter, eyes, pancreas, thyroid gland, thymus, liver, kidneys, viscera, and many other locations.
  • Zapping can help to eliminate candidiasis, hair loss (it can even start to grow back), a chance for pregnancy may develop, warts may disappear, your sight and hearing may improve, and/or you can curb excessive appetite.
  • CES (cerebral electric stimulation) triggers production of endorphins, alleviates pain, and eliminates permanent weariness and insomnia.

Additional function: de-acidification of muscles, and release of muscle ganglia.

Zapping does not have any adverse effects.

Zapping, that is, elimination of pathogens from our body, is just the first step. You must remember that their growth is associated with the impaired immune system, so it should be strengthened. Regardless of the duration of symptoms experienced by the patient, there are only two causes of diseases: presence of parasites and/or contamination.

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